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✨happy wednesday, sweet souls🧚🏽‍♀️

in light of this dark moon, I’ve crafted + restocked my Spirulina + Clay Mask to aid in cleansing your face while invoking healing, loving, + uplifting energy🌚

#intentionalskincare is all about understanding exactly what products you are using for your sacred space - your body! once you become aware of the ingredients within your products, choose which items you use depending on your intentions📜

for example, if your goal is to detox all aspects of your life: adding my #CordCutting Oil to your bath or spiritual routine aids in breaking bad bonds✂️

cleansing your face with my Spirulina Mask helps to absorb impurities + heavy metals, unclog + shrink pores, clear blemishes, + heal/regenerate skin tissue - blessing your face with potent natural magick while the added Jasmine oil uplifts your spirit💧

my Rosemary + Sage Soap tones + cleanses your skin gently, while also invoking the strong protective, illuminating, + grounding energy of the herbs utilized🌿

apply your products with your intentions in mind - rubbing gently counterclockwise to remove, clockwise to attract🕰

take the time to research anything you will apply to yourself, whether it’s food, skincare, social, physical, or spiritual aspects. figure out what is best for you + what your overall intentions are in order to continue to keep your energy flowing freely🌀

all my love + a wish for you to stay ever so magickal✨

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