Lammas Celebration!

happy day sweet soul!

tomorrow starts the month of august (and the celebration of Lammas) as well as my favorite time of the year, the late summer meeting the early autumn🍁

Lammas / Lughnasadh is the first harvest celebration, giving gratitude for what we have reaped and about to sow & time to renew/refresh magickal protections and intentions for the season ahead. Its the season of creation, union, and gratitude. 

light yellow, orange, gold, reddish brown, or white candles. burn or diffuse angelica, cinnamon, rosemary, frankincense, oak, mint, sage, or citrus scents.
fill your space or garden with fresh flowers like marigolds, lavender, passionflower, daffodils, succulents, chamomile, heliotrope, or sunflowers.
meditate with peridot, citrine, tigers eye, jasper, amber, boji stone, rhodachrosite.
decorate with themes of sunflowers, corn, apples.

sip on chamomile, mint, or spice tea. hydrate with citrus juices & waters. snack on blackberries, apples, grapes, figs, spinach, kale, walnuts, or almonds.
delight in herb butters, baked breads, berry pies, veggie bean soup, & cinnamon cakes. incorporate zucchini, squash, corn, rice, or chilies into your meals.
add honey to your tea, face mask, or healing bath.

fun crafts: creating corn silk wands, corn dollies, apple garland, corn & berry ink sunbursts. 

🌟questions to meditate on🌟

how can you rise in your personal power?

what needs to be in the spotlight so that you can finally address the issue? what needs to be healed?

what goals guide you forward along your path? are you honoring your heart’s happiness?

do you feel connected to the earth? how can you strengthen your connection?

listen to your heart, trust your intuition💛
ill be sharing a simple ritual to attune with this energy tomorrow!

all my love & a wish for you to stay ever so magickal,

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