Leo New Moon!

happy moonday, sweet souls

the Leo New Moon on Wednesday is very heart centered - embody the light & dark parts of yourself to invoke awareness and self acceptance. utilize bursts of energy to renew your initiatives; perfect to make a fresh start, start a new project, or progress current beliefs.

all of our experiences are moments for learning & development - find new solutions through knowledge & contribute to your personal growth.

dont allow your built up energy to explode into chaos; channel it into achieving a goal - whether it’s work, self care, whatever you’re striving towards. try & keep a balanced outlook when examining your life.

a strong note: your old path is no longer able to be traveled. time to begin anew or work on refreshing your current systems.


a few tips to attune with the Leo new moon:

light yellow, gold, orange, or white candles. burn or diffuse angelica, cinnamon, rosemary, frankincense, mint, sage, or citrus scents.

take a healing salt bath with yellow roses, sunflowers, & honey to raise your vibration, & strengthen intentions.
wash your floors with sea salt, basil, cinnamon, & rue water.

fill your space with flora like sunflowers, passionflower, daffodils, marigolds, lavender, poppies, succulents, or yellow lilies.

sip on citrus juices or infused waters, chamomile tea, sun teas, & honeyed drinks.
snack on almonds, walnuts, grapes, plums, oranges or kale chips. incorporate parsley, spinach, fennel, peas, saffron, & rice into your meals.

wear the color yellow & gold or brass jewelry. meditate with lemurian quartz, citrine, sunstone, petalite, pyrite, rose quartz, tigers eye, yellow spinel, boji stone, or amber.


leo energy is strong & royal, making it perfect for downloads & acting upon the intense energy flowing. focus on your third eye, heart & solar plexus chakras - the areas in which bridge the earthly & divine, asking us to assess our love relationship with ourselves/others, as well as claiming your power & shifting into an abundance mindset.

all my love & a wish for you to stay ever so magickal

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