Lunar Eclipse Vibes

✨ I have lovingly crafted these Eclipse Oils with loving + healing intentions, aiding in balancing masculine + feminine energies.
The herbs chosen were for enhancing the cosmic energy that’s flowing - to stimulate positive change, promote harmonious vibes, aid in patience + communication, and balance Crown + Root Chakras.

At this time, we need to show kindness towards ourselves and others - have patience with all ventures and think things through thoroughly. Regain your emotional security by remaining dedicated to yourself and your goals. Have pride in all that you have accomplished, share your success with those who support you, and honor your intuition. Speak and act your truths🕊


These Oils, Chakra Oils, Besoms, Candleholders, Vials, Obsidian Eggs, Eucalyptus Smoke Bundles, + more have been added to mi shoppe - swipe to see!


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