Monday's Cleanse

✹happy Monday, sweet souls🌝

Is anyone else feeling the energy shifts lately? This upcoming Super Moon has had me buzzing for a minute now...I deep cleaned + cleansed my home today, unpacked a few boxes that were hidden away, had school time with my baby love, and packed up orders today...and then I checked the clock and it was only noon😅

I’ve been on fire today, but also feeling a bit edgy, moody, and broody...instead of letting that type of energy run my day though, I transmuted it into productive energy, burning away the spiky feelings and inviting positivityđŸ’«

Remember to stop. Take a deep breath in through your nose. Hold it. And exhale. I encourage you to practice grounding and centering yourself when you feel like you’re going to snap. With all this uncertainty, you’re doing a great job, you’re doing the best you possibly can - take the wins where you can and recognize them for what they are. Don’t forget that each moment gives you a choice. So make the one to honor yourself, always💞

With this smoke, I release any limitations I or others have placed upon me. I invite cleansing and purifying energies. I am divinely protected, I am grounded, I am safe. I am the composer of my own vibration and I repel any negative energy. I release all stress and worries that are my own, as well as not my own. I no longer hold onto energy that limits my growth and my healing. I welcome the light of joy and tranquility of peace within and around me. And so it isđŸ”„

Stay magickal, loved ones✹

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