Moonday Cleanse

✨happy moonday, sweet ones🐣

Sending cleansing, healing, + loving energy to all of those who are open to receiving💞

It’s important to think and meditate only upon what you desire, not what you fear. Watch your thoughts today and this week..don’t obsess or get extreme about issues that are temporary. Wait and contemplate. Acting from an extremely emotional perspective will only serve to put you in an uncomfortable position in the future - coming back to bite you in the ass🤪

Take a moment (or a few) to reign in your emotions and look at your situation from a logical viewpoint. If you need to vent to an emotionally supportive friend, do so, but don’t allow your entire day to become dictated by negative energy. Use the same time you would spend upset and turn it into a productive or positive use of energy🧚🏽‍♀️ .

See. Listen. Trust your intuition. You KNOW what’s up, don’t ignore the signs because they make you uncomfortable. Now is the time for new growth; a new normal. Stay aware. Stay healthy. Stay magickal✨

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