moonday mentions...

✨happy moonday, sweet souls🌙

this upcoming week brings the beginning of a new month + asks us to be patient with yourselves/others as you continue to seek balance⚖️

try + make sure your energy is being matched on all fronts: give, take, hustle, relax, limit, indulge - self respect + displicine are keys🗝

remain flexible + give yourself room to play! find the BALANCE between what you have to do + what you want to do in order to keep frustration at bay + your mind moving🧠

stay aware + away from anything that feels deceitful...if the vibe is off, trust your intuition + protect your energy by staying away. dust it off, cleanse your space, + keep it going🧿

embrace your community + loved ones that #raiseyourvibration - those that when you interact with these people, you naturally feel rejuvenated + inspired, that’s that good shit👁

tomorrow, all of your beloved fall products of mine will be restocking my shelves - your faves from the past as well as new goodies🍁

pop to to grace your #sacredspace with my Aura Cleanse Mists + Oils, Burn Bouquets + Herbs, Cauldron Candles + Torches, Organic Skin + Spirit Care, Healing Stones + Enchanted Decor, + more💌

all my love + a wish for you to stay ever so magickal✨

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