New Moon Thoughts

✨happy Thursday, sweet souls🐝

A few thoughts for tomorrow’s New Moon and this weekend’s contemplation.. Let yourself be, let yourself feel...don’t over analyze the situation and think so hard that you forget to enjoy the actual experience. Don’t spread yourself too thin with all of your multitasking. Be present in the moment 🕰 .

Make the commitment to yourself find and maintain internal stability, discipline is the key. Find the balance between your inner thoughts and outer actions, the light and dark sides of yourself. Honor both sides of yourself🗝

New Moons are an ideal time to dive into healing shadow work, go deep into the dark and find what lies buried. While you are on your journey, be mindful of what you learn, inspiration comes in many forms. Gemini energy is versatile and changeable - use this time to change your perceptions, adopt a new mantra, write in your journal, and keep your mind busy and learning (hopefully about yourself)📚 .

As you prepare for your weekend and any spiritual work you might partake, seek out your shadows. Ask yourself some hard questions and actually answer them - sit with yourself and allow this inner dialogue to take place so that you can effectively change or end a cycle🎡

Are you comfortable being alone with yourself? Or do you fill that time with distractions?
Are you good at paying attention to your intuition or signs you recognize?
Were there a lot of moments that left you feeling insecure as a child? What makes you feel stable?
Make a list of how you are living authentically and how you’re not. Are you ready for a change? Honor your inner child to find peace, and bring your mind and body together in harmony🕊

Keep growing, keep flowing. Refresh your energy, guard your space. Stay healthy + magickal, earth angels✨

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