New Year Meditation

a New Year Meditation that you can make as simple or as elaborate as you’d like🎉

gather your tools (what you have):

•white/silver/gold candles
•herbs, resin, or incense to burn (juniper, cinnamon, allspice, patchouli)
•aura mist or intention oils (orange, cypress, pine, rose)
•paper strip or bay leaf to write intentions
•personal items/photos that you cherish

•items that represent each element
(Fire- candles, incense, salt lamp | Water- seashells, coral, driftwood | Earth- stones, soil, root, flowers | Air- feathers, windchimes, cloud/sky reps)

•healing crystals/stones such as Black Obsidian, Tourmaline, + Smoky Quartz offer grounding + protection; Selenite is cleansing + Quartz is also cleansing/an amplifier of energy; Amethyst is soothing + Rose Quartz invokes love; Tiger’s Eye offers stability + Kyanite stimulates awareness.


clean your home - sweep dirt from front of house to back. line windows + doors with salt. wash floors with basil, cinnamon, lemon, + salt.
take a cleansing salt bath or shower prior to cleansing your space, if possible.
open the windows + doors, purify your space with herbs, incense, or diffuse scents (for those who require a smoke-free cleanse).

anoint your doorknobs, window latches, + mirrors - fronts + backs with protective intentions via your oils. cast a protective circle, center your energy + call forth energy from the earth + elements as needed.

anoint the candle(s) with your intention oils + herbs, speaking your desires out loud.
anoint your crown, third eye, + feet (as well as other spiritual centers) with your oils, again stating your intentions as you apply.
anoint your tools + personal items with the oils - healing crystals, stones, special jewelry, mementos, etc.

on a strip of paper or bay leaf- write down what you wish to attract in 2021 + on the other side write what you wish to release as 2020 ends.

burn the paper or leaf over your candle, capture the ashes if you can + toss out your front + back entries.

if you have bits of old burn bouquets, candle remnants, or anything to burn from 2020, add it to the fire.

an affirmation to state while cleansing + burning, to tweak as you desire - “I cleanse my space to fulfill my intentions + aid in my healing + expansion. I leave 2020 behind me as a year of lessons, growth, + adaptation. may 2021 provide me with greater chances for me to evolve + continue to ascend along my path. I will meditate, manifest, + do the work necessary to fulfill my set intentions. I thank my spirits, ancestors, guide(s) for their support + guidance throughout my life + welcome their energy as we enter a new year.”

return excess energy to the earth + ground your spirit. take deep breaths + drink plenty of water. record your dreams + thoughts.

all my love + a wish for you to stay ever so magickal + safe as we enter into 2021🎉

Christina - FeyHerba 💚

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