Pink Hibiscus Mint Potion - Heal Ya Heart

✨happy friday, sweet souls🧚🏽‍♀️

sending an abundance of loving + peaceful energy to those who are open to receiving💞

make space for yourself to heal today, this weekend, any time you have to focus on mending your heart + spirit🕊

pay attention to your intuition + trust yourself accordingly. read the room..the feelings that come to you in regards to any situation are valid. on the flip side, be sure to mind your thoughts - don’t allow negative thinking to lead you to speak from a low place. replace any shitty thoughts with a positive affirmation, cancel the negative + substitute good🥀

sip on some rose water, wash your floors with basil, meditate with rose quartz, fill your home with fresh flowers, whatever makes you happy🌸

you can also snag my latest obsession that has been restocked in my shoppe at - my Hibiscus + Mint Tea is a beautiful pink potion crafted to heal your heart, soothe your belly, + stimulate awareness in your upper chakras. perfect to sip on anytime, but especially during #capricornseason as it aids in grounding + balancing the root chakra as well🌺

recommit to loving yourself the way you deserve, the way you desired to be treated. set the bar + standard SO high, + don’t ever drop it. be practical in how you approach your loved ones when it comes time to talk - center yourself before speaking + be receptive to what is said, beautiful relationship healing can be accomplished if we apply a lil TLC💌

all my love + a wish for you to stay ever so magickal✨

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