Pisces New Moon Meditation

happy pisces new moon, sweet souls!


below is an easy guide to walk you through a New Moon Mediation - dedicated to the energy of Pisces season (you can read more info about the New Moon here).

Optional Items:

*Pen, Paper

*Candle Colors - Black, Light Blue, Pale Yellow, or Aqua

*Crystals or Stones - Bloodstone, Aquamarine, Black Moonstone, Amethyst, Turquoise, (Ocean) Jasper, or Black Tourmaline 

*Incense or Herbs or Oils -  Cypress, Pine, Star Anise, or Lavender
*Flowers or Scents - Lily, Hyacinth, Gardenia, or Jasmine


I believe in myself.
I set my intention.
I plant my seeds.


The New Moon is the birthing cycle of the various lunar phases. Each + every month, you have the power to create change - to create new beginnings. This is an optimal time to plan + cultivate your ideas + intentions, while clearing the way for new growth. The dark side of the moon symbolizes your shadow self + is a great time to dive into healing shadow work/exercises. The dark offers the time to nurture our intentions, reflect, establish roots, + remove the old to make space for the new.

The New Moon period offers time for introspection + self awareness - welcoming transformation through creation + destruction. It’s a powerful time for spiritual work involving growth, protection, divination, self improvement, + illumination. Activate your Crown Chakra to unlock your inner power + balance your Heart Chakra to improve your sense of self. Establish new roots to secure your stability + banish what no longer serves your highest good - strengthening your Root Chakra.

Create your sacred space or find a special spot in nature, line it with salt. Light up your incense, herbs, or resin to cleanse your space + tools. Ground yourself + call upon your power. Anoint your candles, self, + tools with oil as needed. Speak your intentions as you light your candles. Reflect + be grateful for what you have + what you are about to receive - it aids in manifestation.

Write your intentions on a piece of paper, speak them aloud, + visualize them coming true. Anoint this paper with your desired Intention Oil. Use that emotion to feed your work. Make a list, date it, + keep it. As your intentions manifest, rewrite your list to remove what has come to fruition, + include additional goals.

Don’t scratch it off, the act of writing your goals again is providing fresh energy - reaffirming them. Remove any goals that no longer serve your purpose. Be clear in your goal setting; every intention requires action. What are you manifesting for the month? What do you need to feel secure? Think about what you desire, not what you fear.

Write down what you wish to let go of on another sheet of paper: past traumas, limiting beliefs, negativity - what you are done + over with. Let yourself feel those emotions pour out of you, through your hand, into the pen, + onto the paper. Anoint this paper with Cord Cutting or Transformation Oil. Now burn it. Release it all. 

Give thanks to your guides as you end your work. Take a spiritual bath or shower, indulge your senses + reflect on your work. Imagine the negatives washing down the drain. As you anoint yourself with oil + mist your being, plant the seeds of your intentions once more. Sleep peacefully + dream of your garden filled with beautiful blessings.



I believe in myself.
I believe in my goals.
I believe in my dreams.
I believe I will manifest my reality.
I release all that does not serve me.
I release all that limits me.
I release all that is not in alignment with my highest self on my soul path.
I welcome divine healing. I welcome transformation + growth.
I welcome ascension along my soul path.

All my love + a wish for you to stay ever so magickal,
Christina - FeyHerba

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