Plant Your Seeds - Attraction

✨happy Friday, beautiful souls🧚🏽‍♀️ .

A day of beauty and love yes, but also for attraction + abundance. Plant your seeds and water them - show them love and give thanks🌱

And then remember to love yourself! When you accept and become at peace with yourself, things will seem way more easier. “I appreciate and acknowledge all of me, my love for myself flourishes. I attract people who will meet my standards of love and respect me and my boundaries. I no longer hold others in higher regard than myself. I am divinity in physical form and will treat myself as so.” 💘

Make new goals, make new memories. You are in charge of your time + choices, so work towards your intentions to have them blossom. Recognize the magick that is present every day🦋

I have a HUGE amount of packages going out today with scheduled USPS pickup. I appreciate everyone’s support + patience as we all get through this and do our best to ensure everyone’s safety🙏🏽🎁 .

I’ll be updating my shoppe with a BUNCH of new goodies on Earth Day, 4/22 at 11:11AM💐

New smoke bundles, salt blends, oils, burners, soapstone bowls, candles, ebooks, serums, mists, + more will be available to snag - along with our favorites being restocked🌻

Be sure to subscribe with your email at to get sneak peeks, special discounts, + notifications💌

Stay healthy + magickal, sweet souls. You are so loved💞

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