Protect Your Energy | Uncrossing

Protect Your Energy | Uncrossing

✨happy Wednesday, beautiful bees🐝 I woke up from a night of no sleep feeling unsettled. I opened my windows, scattered my herbs, and cleansed my house with Dragon’s Blood Sage + Palo Santo - which instantly gave me a lighter feeling. It never fails to amaze me how truly powerful plants are when it comes to overall wellness🌿


Dragon’s Blood, Juniper, Rosemary, Rue, Violet, + more healing #plantallies come together to form the Uncrossing Bundle🐲


I crafted this set with intensely protective intention to aid in removing curses, hexes, jinxes - bad energy that needs to be banished. Some curses are familial and some can be personal; when someone casts negative energy your way, it’s a curse (“f you”). Don’t let those negative vibes sit with you⚔️ •


Included is an affirmation you can speak while working your cleanse as well as detailed instructions; heres a snippet you can use at any point when you’re feeling an unsettled vibe, “I rid my life and space of all energy that doesn’t serve me, casting out every negative word or action against me. I ask for the freedom and actively seek to eradicate the dark webs from my light aura. Fill me and my space with happiness and love, banishing negativity, invoking the energy from above.” 🕊


Protect your self, your energy, your space, and your loved ones. Much love always🧿✨


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