Pumpkin Candles + Activities!

happy Thursday, sweet souls🍁

my baby love + I had so much fun crafting these spiced woodsy candles out of mini pumpkins! it was super easy to do + if you don’t have wax, you can easily just cut the top and pop in a votive candle🕯

I was trying to come up with more pumpkin madness for us to have fun with this year while we’re home (+ home schooling) and wanted to share a few below🍂


Pumpkin Activities🎃

•carve symbols + sigils into pumpkins for desired intentions

•craft a Jack-o-lantern + burn herbs or resin inside to keep the evil spirits away

•make candles out of pumpkins or gourds

•make mini planters out of pumpkin shell

•make a critter feeder out of pumpkin shell

•dry out gourds to use as a rattle to shake + shift negative vibrations

•eat or string the seeds for abundance + prosperity

•use the seeds for divination (to eat or to throw)

•dry the stems + keep for wishes / prosperity work

•eat the pumpkin in soups, stews, or lasagna

•eat the pumpkin in smoothies, pies, + baked treats

•make pumpkin butter / candies

•use the leftover pumpkin pulp to make a face mask (can add ACV, yogurt, honey, milk, or an egg)

•combine the pumpkin with the magickal spices to make your own pumpkin spice treats

•once your pumpkin finally decays, you can bury it on your property as an offering to the earth - fill the pumpkin with wishes written on paper + bury

Remember that our Sacral Chakras correspond with the color orange, so when you’re working with your pumpkin - imagine the abundant + warm energy from the pumpkin flows into your hands as radiant orange light.

Let the orange light move through your arms + down to your Sacral Chakra. Allow the energy to flow from the pumpkin to you + push your desired intentions into the orange energy ball - back into the pumpkin as you go about your activity.


share with me any that you try or any others you think of! all my love + a wish for you to stay ever so magickal

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