Recognize + Respect

✨happy moonday, sweet souls🕊

Sending a huge abundance of healing, justice favoring, love, strength, + peaceful vibes to those who are open to receivingđź’ž

Our Earth does not discriminate against the beings who inhabit this planet - just as we should not. It takes all types to make a beautiful world. When your soul gets heavy from everything that is going on, make space for yourself to vent, utilize resources to aid those in need, + speak up for those who cannot/not being heard. Solidarity is important now more than ever. This is how I feel - if you have issue with that, kindly remove yourself from my page. We are all human beings and all deserve respect + acceptance no matter what skin color, race, religion, gender, +. So much love to all of my earth angels. You are divinely loved and protected. Stay safe + magickal✨

#feyherba #solidarityforever #respectforall #endracism #blacklivesmatter #acceptance #timeforchange
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