Root Chakra Healing

Root Chakra + Grounding

The Root Chakra (located at the fourth sacral vertebra) is related to how we feel stable, secure, and our sense of belonging - as well as exploring our base instincts of sex and survival.

The Base Chakra relates to matter, substance, + earth correlating to our eating patterns, self care methods, motivations, + our ability to manifest. Working on any chakra brings improvement, but without being truly grounded, the change is not sustainable.

If you’re feeling like your life is not within your own control, unhappy with your body, and easily angered by little issues - your Base Chakra may be imbalanced. Without the strong flowing energy of this first chakra, your spiritual energy ascent will be stunted.

 A balanced Root Chakra has you feeling strong confidence in who YOU are and who you trust. You have the ability to adapt to extreme conditions with ease and feel comfortable in your sexuality. It urges you to become all they you are capable of being.

While the Sacral Chakra relates to sexuality, the Root Chakra associates with sex - when your Root is blocked, you’re robbed of the pleasure that derives from the two joining. A true orgasm encompasses your entire being - being able to experience fully without abandon = comes from an open Root.

Sexuality of each partner is activated within the Sacral, power of union within the Solar Plexus, love sparks within the Heart, enabling communication via Throat, vision + understanding through sensations throughout the Brow + Crown.

With an unhealthy Base Chakra, this mental, emotional, physical, + spiritual release cannot occur, causing frustration + disappointment.

 Our Root reminds us of who we truly are. It encourages us to acknowledge our natural beauty, innate worth, + unique presence. It asks us to recognize our connection with creation + oneness; simplifying our existence. You are here as an amazing being, here for a reason.

Remember that your life is YOURS to live as you please. You are within your physical being as divine energy and only need to accept it.



•Common physical ailments center around the feet, ankles, knees, + groin, also issues with eczema or psoriasis.

•To balance an under-active root, eat red fruits + vegetables / to calm an overactive root, eat foods in the opposite color.

•Green salad, veg, spinach, + cabbage cleanse and balance the whole body.

•Buy a red glass or bottle, fill with fresh water, + charge in the sun before drinking.

•To ground your energy, use the herbs/oils of Cedar, Patchouli, or Myrrh.

•Meditating with red lights is stimulating; increasing energy to aid in blood circulation.

•If you’re anxious or overly emotional, meditate with turquoise lights instead. Use a combination of both to clear energy. 


Journal Prompt / Task List:

 •Make a list of 3-5 activities you enjoy doing, write down realistic dates that you can enjoy these times, + do them!

-Include earthy activities like hiking, spending time outside, gardening, etc.

-Make a commitment to yourself + keep promises to yourself strengthens your Root.

•Write down what comes to mind when you think of your Root/Base Chakra.

-Allow your creative right brain to flow, write without moving your hand from the page, just let it flow. 



You can start at either point or stop where you need - listen to your body + trust your intuition regarding your healing.

•Get into a comfortable position and allow yourself to get into a zen state - use red or white candles, incense, quiet music, or silence.

•Healing stones like Bloodstone, Garnet, Ruby, + Smoky Quartz are great for sexual energy and balance. 

•Take yourself back to your origin point - where your mother + father’s cells combined to form you.

•Take yourself back to the warmth + safety of your mother’s womb.

•Take yourself back to infancy, toddler stage, + stop in childhood around age 5.

•Wrap all of the people, + events from birth to age 5 in a tight time swaddle that we’re going to heal.

•Hold your child self safe + tight, send a warm ball of bright glowing white energy towards the swaddle. A bright light that washes over all of the people, environment, + you from that time.

•Let the past be healed + be released from it. Let it be healed + let it go. You survived, now be free.

•Understand that the people in your life showed up the way they knew how based on their own experiences, it had nothing to do with you.

•See that the events of this time occurred for you to learn what you needed at this time. You no longer need to hold onto anything that prevents you from moving forward.

•Feel cleansed + enjoy the sense of freedom that healing brings. Allow it to flow through you as though you’re free for the first time. Allow the light to enter through the top of your head + flow through your body. 

•Know that you hold your inner child safely in your heart.



•Breathe deep and imagine roots flowing from your body and feet into the earth - breaking past the soil and rock down to its core.

•Imagine deep red energy flowing from your pelvis, your body - revitalizing you - through these roots, down into earth + being drawn into the core. Sit as long as you’d like in this bright swirling crimson energy.

•Let all of your doubts, worries, and issues be taken away into the ground. Sit and breathe as you release. Breathe through any resistance.

•Feel the sense of warmth, connection, + belonging knowing that you are a part of this planet. Feel the strong roots in the body of living earth where you belong.

•Draw golden energy from the earth, through your roots, your feet, legs, thighs, to your root. See the gold light mingle with crimson as the healing earth energy mixes with your own.

•Gather your energy and with a breath, move it up through your body, healing as it rises, expelling tension, + flowing out the top of your crown.

•When finished, imagine the roots severing from your body and shrinking into the earth. Allow the crimson light to return to your body as you return to your senses.

•Drink plenty of water, take a cleansing bath, + get rest as much as possible. Sleep with smoky quartz.


Love yourself! Prioritize yourself + your happiness. Stay magickal

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