Scorpio SuperMoon Candle Magick

Posted by Christina Jacome on

✨happy moonday, sweet souls🌝

a simple cord cutting spell that’s perfect for anytime, but especially for tonight’s intense scorpio #supermoon🦂

i did this specifically for all of us - tap in to receive❣️

i dressed a black candle (you can use white or red) with my transformation oil + herbs - welcoming the shift with peace - lit with pine incense to invoke healing🕯

i added salt, herbs (including hyssop to bust blocks), + water to a bowl for a purifying vessel💧

i wrote for all of us (in red + black ink): to release self-limiting beliefs, eradicate blockages, + move forward with no unnecessary energy - stepping into our power + working on our healing. i anointed it with my #cordcutting oil + folded into a square (for balance + stability)⏹

set the petition on fire with the candle flame, let it burn. place in the bowl + allow to burn out, letting the energy flow out into the universe🔥

if you’d like more info on how to attune with the #fullmoon - peep my last few posts or tap the AstroTips highlight to see them all⚡️

all my love + a wish for you stay ever so magickal✨

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