Scorpio SuperMoon Tips #2

✨happy Sunday, sweet souls🌞

prepping for + working with the incredible energy of tomorrow’s #supermoon has me so at peace but ready to pop off (if needed of course haha!) you can read more about this moon under my Pink Tea post a few back🌝

pay attention: unpredictable + unexpected events occurring…take a deep breath + control how you respond. its better to take the time to analyze the situation + your feelings, versus just going on the attack with your bull horns or stinger🐂

break the bonds that have you chained. release it all. cut the cords. you don’t need to stay friends or lovers simply due to the amount of time involved or expectations. you are NOT a prisoner to anyone, nobody should have that absolute control over you except for yourself. dont be afraid to reach out for help from your trusted love ones or professionals✂️

you have so much to gain by moving forward than by staying stuck. it truly is time to let go of your crippling fears, step into your power, + start running your life. you can continue to give away your power to anyone who feels like taking it..or you can prioritize yourself, realize your self-worth, your own value, + the level of bravery you truly do have within you⚔️

purge the past so you can prepare a better future🧹

in my other post, I mentioned different herbs, incense, colors, candles, + food options that attune with the current #fullmoon energy🍇
you can also snack on grapes, raspberries, figs, or apples. you can also incorporate beans, onions, leeks, asparagus, artichokes, + plantains - I’m making myself hungry😋

but please remember, your power is your OWN magick, do what you feel is right for you - your values, ethics, + beliefs are what makes you special + powerful. it’s no longer time to play the chameleon of adopting others traits to pass...its time to amplify your personal magick by truly expressing who you ARE not who you think you should be🦂

all my love + a wish for you to stay ever so magickal✨

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