Shadow Work

happy Sunday, sweet souls🌞

The energy for me lately has been busy and chaotic - taking a much needed day to snuggle with my loves and get some reading + writing done on another rainy day.

With all of the retrogrades occurring and the start of #GeminiSeason it’s a perfect time to start or continue focusing on your shadow work. A friend recently asked me  “what is shadow work and how do I do it?” so here are my ramblings🤓

As you heal your shadows, you heal parts of your soul. Healing the shadow is identifying what doesn’t make you feel good - what makes you feel exhausted, scared, drained, sad, angry, anxious, unhealthy, etc.

Be open and honest, and remember it is your shadow and we are working to transmute the energy and heal.

There is no good and bad - don’t judge yourself. There is light and dark. Light energy and heavy energy.

The shadow is your inner child in a sense - your earliest emotional responses that have formed patterns for you to feel a sense of (false) comfort. All your inner child wants is for you to acknowledge the hurt, embrace the child, + have unconditional love for yourself.

Love is supposed to be healthy; make you feel uplifted and safe. Love is the absence of division - don’t divide yourself. Your shadow is there to be your greatest spiritual teacher. Accept yourself as a whole person - light energy and heavy energy.


If the way you live your life brings you unhappiness, change it.

Everything that is unhealed in you will be mirrored back to you through someone else. The mirror effect will continue until you change it - when certain people trigger you, ask yourself why? Is it because there’s a shadow element of yourself at play - wanting you to see that it’s a part of you too?

The rate at which and degree at which you are triggered is dependent upon the amount of unhealed shadows you carry.

Identify where unhealthy patterns exist and how they play out:

If you’re suffering to attract someone to commit to you - ask if you’re committing to yourself...your pattern is finding emotionally unavailable people, because you are not available to yourself, not committing to honoring yourself and personal boundaries.

All experiences are teachers. Everyone who comes into your life and every place you visit is there to teach you a lesson and have you learn.

Forgiveness is hard. Forgiveness is saying thank you - thanking for the lessons you've learned and can now heal from / no longer repeat. Say thank you to every person you have hurt and everyone who has hurt you - you don’t have to do in person. It may feel forced or fake at first, but keep going. Keep doing it until it becomes a true pattern. Everything is energy - and that energy of trying to heal and move forward will reverberate around and within you.

Once you raise your vibrations, you’ll notice people and habits drop away - those that are unwilling to heal and the energy you no longer tolerate.

You’ll notice high vibing people enter your life.

Moving away from low level energy will meet opposition. These people will say and do whatever means necessary to keep you on their level (another symptom of their shadow).

You’ll notice your need to have someone always near will dissipate as you enjoy your own time and rely on yourself - rather than a group dynamic - no longer needing a codependent attachment. You’ll become dependent on nobody but yourself - including emotionally.

Others might strike out at you because they are still stuck and you moving up and on angers them because they cannot match with you - cannot depend on your energy.

Stay committed and humble. No need to feel you’re better than others or people are lower than you just because you’re working on yourself. Everyone needs their own time and some unfortunately won’t/can’t do the work. That’s not your issue. But judging those is low frequency energy - what were working against.

Every day you need to be cognizant of your actions and follow the steps: see the mirror, embrace the trigger, look inside, find the shadow, unpack the shadow, heal + integrate. Continue to love yourself unconditionally.

Stay aware, healthy, + magickal, earth angels🧚🏽‍♀️

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