Sort Out Your Life

✨happy sunday, sweet souls🌞

sending an abundance of strong, healing, grounding, + purifying energy to those who are open to receiving🌟

with the new moon approaching this week, let’s focus today on home/sacred spaces/sanctuary🏡

clean + cleanse - use can use a #simmerpot of herbs (basil, mint, thistle, chamomile cinnamon), cleanse with plant smoke or incense, diffuse scents, ring bells, clap your hands - refresh the energy flowing within your space. cook or consumer traditional, familiar foods today to help you regain a sense of security + stability🍛

this aromatic pot is a powerful brew that provides protective vibes + humidifies the dry winter air, also offering that grounding #capricornseason energy🌿

what needs to be sorted + removed from your home (and life)? remove anything that you’ve been keeping out of obligation, you don’t need to retain the unnecessary energetic imprint that’s associated with the object📦

do the same to your garden - clear out the pests + prune the weeds. be careful, don’t plant any seeds or mess with your seedlings. unless the air is super dry, don’t overwater your plants as they’re not super receptive at this phase🎍

take time to relax + connect with yourself today. diffuse or sip on mint for any head or belly issues + drink a lot of waterđź’§

do something that makes you happy! all my love + a wish for you to stay ever so magickal✨

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