Stay Adaptable!

✨happy moonday, sweet souls🌙

a quick shoppe update: I’m a bit behind on catching up on emails + DMs - I’m getting to them today, I appreciate your patience so much🙏🏽
it’s still just me crafting, labeling, packaging, wrapping, shipping, communicating, + posting over the past 5 years - while I LOVE doing it all, I hate feeling like I dropped the ball when I get overwhelmed.
I have NEW systems in place (starting this week) that will keep 2021 flowing as smoothly as possible. again, I am so grateful for your kindness + support these past years + now💞

that being said, let’s welcome in a new week! sending an abundance of cleansing, loving, + protective energy to those who are open to receiving🕊

try + stay adaptable + open minded to any unexpected change that may pop up this week. expect to learn something that will make you feel like facepalming yourself, but be happy that you finally made this connection + can move on with the knowledge gained🧠

allow your intellect + intuition guide you to make the necessary changes in your life. a small change in routine or a whole new direction will stimulate awareness on a new level. go for a broad vision + then focus on the details📈

you don’t need to deal with what drains you + now you have the energy supporting you to make this decision + see things clearly. pay attention to your moods as a buildup of energy + tension can lead to unforeseen issues or abrupt change. let yourself cry, scream, dance, sing, shake - whatever lets your emotions safely release from your body. honor your feelings + be sure to provide yourself with the unconditional love you desire💐

all my love + a wish for you to stay ever so magickal✨

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shoppe update is 1/28 with my Heart Collection for #ValentinesDay gifts + treats for all for any occasion🎁

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