Super Moon Oil

✨s u p e r m o o n o i l 🌸

Notes: Magnolia, Lavender, Mugwart, Violet, Thyme, Sandalwood, + more to awaken and amplify your magick - in my botanica at feyherba.comđź’«

I crafted with healing + protective intentions as always, to aid in you in amplifying your inner power. Listen to your body and trust your intuition, it is the time to rest and reflection, not neglectđź’ž

Get moving towards manifesting your goals - and if you can’t physically move, mentally prepare as much as you can. 
Your plans and goals are sacred to you, share your dreams and accomplishments, but not everyone needs to know your next move - guard your energy🔥

Aiding in heart, sacral, + root chakra healing it brings forth the balance and compassion needed to help you stop feeling stuck and ascend to your desired next level🦋 .

I say you do both: relax + get busy. Be still and and enjoy solitude. Resting and meditation, indulge in self care and reflection. An unwearied mind brings forth fresh new magick. Once rested, put whatever you have learned and thought of into crafting new visions for yourself. Different ventures and experiences offer unique learning opportunities and growth. It’s a good time now to make the changes you seek but didn’t have time to work on before..get outside your comfort zone and challenge yourself. Your new normal starts now⌛️ .

Stay magickal, loved ones✨

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