Unlock Personal Magick

happy moonday, sweet souls🌙

sending an abundance of clarifying, cleansing, healing, + protective energy to those who are open receivingđź’ž

unlock the mysteries of your personal magick this month..let’s focus on your personal values. what do you need to do or release in order to realign yourself with your values/goals?

use the energy of the week to tap into yourself: your intellect, feelings, + enthusiasm. again, take the time to regain your personal balance. put your mind to the task at hand + be mindful of the details.

recognize your talents + find your motivation - what makes your heart race? what sets your soul on fire? tap into your feelings + power. take control of your emotions + life.

take time to visualize your overall big picture. what are your longterm plans? use your imagination to paint a magickal future + then use your best tool to get it done - YOU!

it’s okay if you’re unsure of what you want or just trying to go day by day. just be cognizant of when you’re living what truly makes you happy vs when you’re just in a comfortable rut.

whether you’re into structuring your life or not, remember that balance is key for all ventures. if you’re doing too much or too little, you’ll be expending your most precious resource- your energy.

be mindful + stay aware🧿

all my love + a wish for you to stay ever so magickal✨

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