Weekly Energy Update!

 happy Sunday, sweet souls! 
below is your weekly energy update as the moon moves through Leo, Virgo, & Libra.

Monday - Tuesday: Now is the time to turn inward & summon your confidence, strength, & courage. Clear up confusion & strengthen intention with new clarity. Tranquility is key to unblock your chakras & take advantage of the flowing productive energy.

The Leo New Moon on Wednesday is very heart centered - embody the light & dark parts of yourself to invoke awareness and self acceptance. Burst of energy & initiative are perfect to make a fresh start, start a new project, or progress current beliefs.
(click here to read more about the Leo New Moon).

Thursday - Friday: 

It’s time to clear away rubbish - physically, emotionally, mentally, & spiritually. Look for therapeutic, yet functional items to accent your home / sacred space - candles, blankets, etc. Analyze your relationships & pay attention to the details that are revealed within the aspects of your connections.




Saturday - Sunday:

Seek greater understanding & deep rapport within your relationships; any type of partnerships have a favorable energy. Be spontaneous with your outings to encourage new adventures. Positive action & growth are key themes. Harmonious colors are soothing to the eye & favorable for peace. Stay open minded & flexible to best take advantage of unexpected opportunities.

All my love & a wish for you to stay ever so magickal,

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