wellness wednesday...

✨happy Wednesday, sweet souls🧚🏽‍♀️

a thought that keeps coming through loud + clear: let loose + have fun. spontaneity is the key to living🗝

while the moon is in capricorn + Uranus is about to go retrograde, we’re being called even more to integrate our spiritual ways with our daily reality - link the human + divine🕊

it’s time to find your inner voice + let it lead your life vs what you believe society/family/others expects. be cautious of your need for validation, you define your happiness🗣

capricorn energy can be rigid - stay adaptable + open minded. strengthen your foundations to weather the storms. focus on your long term strategies, but remain flexible for life to happen🌞

light dark green, brown, dark blue, or grey candles. burn or diffuse cinnamon, rosemary, thyme, patchouli, pine, oak, or earthy scents🌲
wash your floors with a simple combo of sea salt, lemongrass, sage, cinnamon, + rue water💧

meditate with aragonite, turquoise, amber, galena, quartz, hematite, carnelian, or green/black tourmaline 💎

fill your space or garden with fresh flora like pansies, lavender, poppies, carnations, pussywillow, or ivy🌿

sip on chai tea, spice/cinnamon steeped tea, goat milk, matcha, or green juices/smoothies🍵
snack on salted nuts, potatoes (I’m all about my chips + fries) goat cheese, plums, oranges or kale chips. incorporate parsley, spinach, thyme, onions, beets, barley, + other starches into your meals🥘

🐐questions to meditate on🐐

do you give yourself enough credit? how can you be more acceptable of yourself + others?

do you place high enough value on your time + energy?

do you allow societal rules/status to define your happiness?

what will your legacy be?

happy searching🧠
all my love + a wish for you to stay ever so magickal✨

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