Bay Rum + Tobacco Aura Mist

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This magickal blend of Bay Rum + Tobacco is extremely special to me..this blend makes me feel like I’m transcending realms + home at the same time.

Bay Leaves + Tobacco are used to connect with spirits, receive intuitive messages, cleanse your space and aura. 
Perfect to purify your space + spiritual tools, while warding away evil. 
Cedar, Clove + Orange are not only antibacterial making it perfect for cleansing all types of surfaces, they also produce protective + prosperous energy as well. 
Crafted with Moon charged Jet + Tigers Eye, Organic Bay Leaf, Cedar, Clove, Tobacco Leaf, + Vanilla Bean steeped White Rum + Witch Hazel, Organic Jojoba Oil, Sea Salt, + Pure Orange Blossom Essential Oil.
Much love!