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Cord Cutting Ritual

Cord Cutting Ritual

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This offering is for a Cord Cutting Ritual that I will perform on your behalf utilizing my Cord Cutting Aura Oil, candles, & black salt.

Cords of attachment are energetic ties that form between a person and another - or a situation, environment, object, etc. Energetic cords are formed from heavy energy (anger, fear, upset) & impact your life by keeping you stuck in a pattern, where uncomfortable situations keep arising, never ending draining cycles.

(spiritual ties, on the other hand, are energy bonds formed through positive, uplifting, & loving energy. those bonds cannot be removed via spiritual work while one is attempting to remove cords of attachment.)

Release those bonds that siphon your energy and do nothing to elevate you - this is the time.

***I will need your full name, email address, & name of person/pattern that you are cutting cords with.

If you feel comfortable sending a photo of yourself (so I can better attune with your energy, that is more than welcomed).

***I will send you photos of the Cord Cutting Ritual so you can see how your candles and string burn - as well as any intuitive thoughts that come through.

***I will email you the date and time of when I will be performing the ritual so that you can mentally tune in and prepare yourself.

***I will also email you an affirmation you can state the day of and anytime you feel the need to speak to recall your energy.


You can purchase your own bottle of Cord Cutting Oil in my shoppe as well.

Much love!

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