Dragon’s Blood Aura Mist / Oil

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Dragon’s Blood Oil + Mist are crafted with the utmost protective intent and loving, healing energy. 

Dragon’s Blood drives away evil and negative energy, while amplifying other protective herbs + spell intentions. It aids in adding fire to loving energy. Dragon’s Blood is a Resin from a Palm that is burned, carried, sprinkled, or worn for powerful protection against evil and negativity.

Dragon’s Blood Aura Mist and/or Oil will help to purify people and/or objects, places of negative energy. The mist aids in dissolving all lower energies from your aura. Spray and roll every day on the person or item until the bottle is empty.

The Aura Cleanse Mist is crafted with protective intent and the herbal magick of: Violet, Chamomile, + Dragon’s Blood to aid in providing good luck, soothing + healing energy, and protection against evil.

The Oil contains Elder Flower which is associated with banishing bad energy, invoking blessings, and prosperity.  Crafted with Moon charged Black Obsidian, Garnet, & Quartz, Achiote & Elder Flower infused Organic Sunflower Oil, & Pure Dragon’s Blood Oil. 

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