Eclipse Energy Enchanted Oil

Eclipse Energy Enchanted Oil

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Eclipse Energy Enchanted Oils will be crafted during the June Eclipse of 2021.

The energy and plant magick that have been utilized to craft this set is extremely powerful + protective - to aid in releasing what no longer serves you, opening + healing your heart chakra, stimulating your third eye, and allowing energy to flow freely through your spiritual centers / sacred spaces.

The Oil can be used to anoint yourself, your hair, dress candles, added to a bath, and to charge spiritual tools. 

Oil is crafted with Moon charged Ruby, Onyx, & Quartz, Amaranth, Elder Flower, Jasmine, Lemon Balm, Mugwart, Rue, & Wormwood infused Organic Rosehip + Sunflower Oils, Pure Dragon’s Blood Oil, & Pure Sandalwood Essential Oil. 

Much love!