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Map Jasper & White Jade Gemstone Bracelets

Map Jasper & White Jade Gemstone Bracelets

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Map Jasper & White Jade Gemstone Bracelets are perfect healing & nurturing adornments to add to your jewlery collection! 

Map Stone, like all jaspers, is a nurturing stone. It is known as a supreme protector & has a calm, and serene feeling of tender loving. It helps a person be in tune with their natural instincts, remove indecisiveness, & puts their words into action. It is a great stone to have for anyone that loves their isolation and spending time alone as it enhances their ability to reflect and understand existence. Map stone is connected to the energies of Earth, wearing it will connect you to nature, your surroundings, and bring a loving awareness to all sentient beings on Earth.  

White Jade is believed to represent healing and stability. it gives a soothing effect on the mind and body and It is said to promote peace, harmony, and tranquility, and is often used in meditation practices.

much love!

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