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Organic Butterfly Pea Powder (Chai Option Available)

Organic Butterfly Pea Powder (Chai Option Available)

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 Explore the enchanting benefits of organic butterfly pea powder, a vibrant blue superfood packed with antioxidants & anti-inflammatory properties. Ideal for teas, smoothies, & culinary creations, it promotes healthy skin, reduces stress, & enhances cognitive function while adding a stunning color to your dishes.

Spiritually, butterfly pea powder is revered for its calming & meditative properties, often used to enhance spiritual practices & inner peace. Its mystical blue color aligns with the throat chakra, aiding in clear communication & self-expression.

I have 2 options for you to choose from to make tea, lattes, spiritual baths, ritual use - however you choose to enjoy! 

Organic Butterfly Pea Powder: only pure ingredient. Crafts a blue drink. Squeeze lemon into mixture to turn it purple.

Organic Butterfly Chai blend: organic butterfly pea powder, organic ground: black pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, & vanilla - not caffeinated - for strength, warmth, protection, & abundance.

1tsp of mixture with 1cup hot water. or 1/2c hot water & 1/2c warm milk) for latte add sweetener as desired.

contains: 1 tbs - 3 servings

much love! 

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