Plum Blossom Tourmaline & Obsidian Bracelet

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Plum Blossom Tourmaline & Obsidian gemstone bracelets are the perfect addition to your adornment collection!

The calming vibrations of the plum blossom tourmaline reduces stress and anxiety,  just by being next to this beautiful pink tourmaline embedded within milky white quartz, which amplifies the strong peaceful vibrations. Plum blossom tourmaline is considered to create strong channels of energy for clearing and purification, promote inspiration and happiness, reduce fear, and build self-confidence among its users. It is also said to be a physical bridge to the spiritual. 

Obsidian crystal properties are known for their stabilizing and grounding effects, making it an excellent crystal for reigning in scattered energies. Through its connection to the root chakra, the energy center that governs our sense of security and foundation, the Obsidian healing properties can support intentions related to energetic protection and energetic stability. A powerful protection stone, the Obsidian crystal meaning helps you identify your dark shadow side so that its healing properties can clear it away from your psyche. 

much love!