Praesidium: Protection Oil

Praesidium: Protection Oil

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Praesidium: Protection & Banishing Ritual Oil

This solar infused herbal blend taps into the magick of Sage, Amaranth, Chrysanthemum, Clove, Heather, Cinquefoil, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Ivy, Juniper Berry, Elder, Vervain, & Yerba Santa.

While being enchanted with Black Tourmaline, African Turquoise, & Selenite for the ultimate protection.

Utilize with any magickal work, during different lunar phases, and to banish negative energy while providing protection against unwanted energy. 

There are many ways to utilize my herbal oils:
•Adorn + anoint your hair/body for celebration + mental/skin care nourishment.
•Charge + pamper a bath soak.
•Use for candle magick and other spiritual work.
•Anoint crystals, jewelry, candles, and other sacred space items.

Much love!