Red Jasper, Bronzite, & Jasper Bracelet

Red Jasper, Bronzite, & Jasper Bracelet

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Red Jasper, Bronzite & Picasso Jasper Bracelets are excellent for motivating, grounding, & enhancing creativity - perfect adornments for daily use!

 Jasper is regarded as a gemstone that gives a sense of well-being, intensifying that feeling. Red jasper has been used as a stone of protection and motivation for thousands of years. It is believed this jasper has an ability to create and help balance aggressive, dynamic energy.

Bronzite is used to ground us. It promotes clarity and certainty of thinking and actions. bronzite has been called the "stone of courtesy" since it can instill politeness. Bronzite jewelry has been worn to help alleviate nervous energy that is generated when we are placed in new situations. bronzite for increasing self-esteem, promoting decision making, dispelling negativity and enhancing creativity. Bronzite is a versatile stone that is said to resonate with most chakras, though it is most closely tied to the sacral and base chakras. 

Picture Jasper provides us with a strong connection to Mother Earth and Earth energies. It can be used for past-life work and to help us understand previous times and experiences. Picture Jasper evokes harmony and balance, making it a wonderful stone for group work. Picture Jasper encourages us to live in balance, in our lives, our environment, and in our interactions with others. It can bring to the surface long hidden feelings, both negative and positive, so we can express them and work through them.

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