Rose of Jericho Plant

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The Rose of Jericho is also known as the Resurrection Plant or Immortality Plant - it looks like a brown, dead ball, then when put into water "blooms" into a beautiful plant. It spirals from the inside out, revealing beautiful green leaves. 
The water of Jericho Rose can be used around the house to banish bad energy, promote peace, harmony, & abundance. erase negative influences, bring peace, harmony and abundance - (I love to use the water in my Cleansing Floor Washes). 
Rose of Jericho plants are utilized in spiritual work, healing light work, and love/prosperity/protection rituals. 
Replace the water every 1-2 days, (keeping the water in a jar for later use if you desire). Don’t forget - if you leave in water too long, it will get moldy!
Let it soak for a week max & then let it completely dry out (1-2 days). It will curl back up into a brown ball. Store in a airtight bag. You can keep forever if properly maintained - many families and light workers pass them onto each other. 

Much love!